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Call for Papers: The 8th Annual Conference of The Asian Studies Association of Hong Kong (ASAHK)

A Hong Kong Research Centre for Pearl River Delta Environment

Sino-Forest Applied Research Centre for Pearl River Delta Environment is a newly established research centre in the Hong Kong Baptist University aiming to improve the environmental quality of the Pearl River Delta (PRD) region.

It will create a platform for various stakeholders in Hong Kong and PRD to tackle the trans-boundary pollution problem at source, advocate the governments on environmental policy and provide solutions for the industry in the PRD region.

Research works of Sino-Forest ARCPE will concentrate in the following areas: (1) Environmental performance of the PRD industry, (2) Environmental policy and community environmental education promotion, (3) Waste treatment and recycling, and (4) Environmental monitoring and control.

HKU Spring History Symposium: Hong Kong, China and the Western World

HKU Spring History Symposium, 7 May 2009

Session 1 09:00-9:15
Opening Wilhelmina KO

Plenary Session 09:30-11:00
East meets West: Hong Kong, China and the Western World
Moderator: Dave MACRI

PO Chung Yam (BU):
The Man on Li’s Right: Gustav Detring in Li Hongzhang’s Mufu

Carol TSANG (HKU):
More Than An Imperial Endeavor: R. E. Tottenham, the University of Hong Kong and the Professionalization of Women’s Medicine.

Wilhelmina KO (HKU):
Traditions and Identities of Independent Churches in times of Schismatic Challenges and Social Changes – Case Studies on the Chinese Rhenish Church Hong Kong Synod and the Tsung Tsin Mission of Hong Kong (1950s to 1970s)

Session 2 11:30-13:00
Social History: Education in Imperial China
Moderator: William TAI CHU

CHU Ming Kin (LU):
Imperial University (Taixue) in the Pre-Song Times: The Relationships between Politics and Government Education in Early Imperial China

LUI Hoi Ling (BU):
A Haunting Voice: Was there a Place for Women in the Civil Examinations in Qing China?

Ina LO (CU):
Floating Boundary Behind Talented Women’s Scholarly Pursuit: A Case Study of Wang Duan (1793-1839)

Political History: Colonial Hong Kong and Macau
Moderator: Paul WENHAM

Vincent HO (CU):
A Case Study of Macau and the Chinese Nationalist Revolution, 1905-1926.

CHAN Man Lok (HKU):
Communist and Nationalist activities in Hong Kong during the Second Sino-Japanese War.

Nat NG (HKU):
Hong Kong and Anglo-American Relations: The United States Export Control on the British Colony, 1950-54

Session 3 1400-1530
Economic and Business Histories
Moderator CHAN Man Lok

Connie PANG (HKU):
Blazing a Trail: French Entrepreneurs and Rice Trade in the Far East

Lawrence HO (HKU):
A Critical Analysis of the Sino-US Silver Negotiations in 1936

William TAI (HKU):
Succession in Chinese family business.

Panel 3B
Social History: Hong Kong
Moderator: Wilhelmina KO

Gary LUK (HKU):
The Limitations of Expanding Colonial Space: The Regulation of Food-selling Activities in Early Colonial Hong Kong

Penelope PANG (HKU):
British colonialism, childhood and history.

Sammy TSANG (HKU):
Chinese Refugees and the Immigration Policy of Hong Kong, 1958-1962

Session 4 1600-1730
Political History: War and Society
Moderator Carol TSANG

Abandoning the Outpost; Rejection of the Hong Kong Purchase Scheme, 1938- 1939

Thunder of the Gods – The Thor Missile Controversy

Session 5 1730-
Closing Wilhelmina KO

Conference News: Europe and China: Changing Global Roles

Conference on Sino-European Affairs
Europe and China: Changing Global Roles

June 19-20, 2009
University of Hong Kong

Organized by: European Studies Programme
Sponsored by:School of Modern Languages and Cultures, Faculty of Arts, HKU


June 19
9.30 AM Registration
10.00 Welcoming and Official Opening

Dr Chengxin Pan (Deakin University):
Constructing a Normative Self, Converting a Rising Other: Problematising ‘Constructive Engagement’in EU-China Policy

Linda Jakobson (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute):
China’s Expanding Role in Africa and Implications for the EU

12.30 Lunch

2.00 PM
Dr Reuben Wong (George Washington University):
The US Factor in EU-China Relations

Dr Roland Vogt (HKU):
Europe and China in the World: The Opportunities and Constraints for Partnership

Dr Richard Balme (Tsinghua University):
The EU, China, and Global Climate Change Policy

June 20
9.30 AM Coffee

Prof Xinning Song (United Nations University, Brugge):
EU-China Relations in Transition: Challenge and Opportunity

Prof Ting Wai (HKBU)

Prof Peter Preston (CUHK): The Surprising Costs of Success: National Identity in Europe and China

12.45 Lunch

2.00 PM
Dr Beatrice Leung (HKU):
Hong Kong and Macau as Factors in Sino-Vatican Relations

Dr Steve Wood (Macquarie University):
EU, Taiwan, and the Challenge of External Energy Resources

4.00 Final discussion / Roundtable